Welcome to SML's Sustainability Dashboard

Sustainability is a core value for SML, and given our remote location on Appledore Island, understanding our energy demands is critical for decreasing our impact on the surrounding environment. This live dashboard allows our community to view SML's power consumption and energy production via solar, wind, and generators. Collecting this data over time helps our engineering staff and Sustainable Engineering Interns to make informed decisions and improve our sustainable infrastructure. Enjoy!

Renewable Generation: 39.5 kW
Total Renewable Power: 39.5 kW
39.5 kW
% of Total Demand: 288%
Update Time: 9:05 AM
9:05 AM

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All Solar: 39.3 kW / 84.9 kW

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Wind Turbine: 0.3 kW / 10 kW

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Generator: 0 kW / 27 kW


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Main Grid: 10.2 kW / 27 kW

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K-House Grid: 3.5 kW / 18 kW


Have a deeper interest in the data being collected on Appledore? Some samples of data used by the Sustainable Engineering Interns, the island engineering team, and Shoals Marine Lab courses are displayed below. All available graphs are provided on the system list, and raw data export is available on the CSV export page.

Daily Solar Collection
Building: ECB, Meter: Conext Gateway
Daily Power Use
Building: Utility Building, Meter: AB3000
Wind Turbine Power and Wind Speed
Building: ECB, Meter: AcuDC