Yearly Wind Turbine Energy Collection
Building: ECB, Meter: AcuDC
SML's Bergey Excel 10 kW rated wind turbine feeds power into the ECB grid when there is sufficient wind. At night, this is the island's only source of green energy. In the winter, the blades of the turbine are taken down. Prior to June 18, 2021, a Bergey BWC Excel R 7.5 kW rated turbine was in use. An offset of -0.13*24 kWh has been used on daily values, the source of yearly values, since October 1, 2019 to account for data noise from the island grid. The offset was increased to -0.29 kW on June 24, 2021. Turbine is 36.4 m AMSL. Radar tower anemometer is 54m AMSL. White island anemometer is 32.3m AMSL.